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There You Have It!

So I’ve made this blog. You may be asking yourself: “Why does he need a blog?” And the only answer I can provide is that I also have no idea. However as I have no clue how that web development magic works I’ve set this blog up with Jekyll which you totally should check out! I basically have a git repository where I can write my blog posts in Markdown and if I push it, Jekyll creates this (Imagine me pointing everywhere) nice site out of them using GitlabCI. Amazing!

Hopefully this isn’t the only post ever here, as this took a few hours to set up.

Have a nice one!

P.S.: I’ve couldn’t get this post to work to work. It turned out, that I’ve chosen the single one category name that isn’t allowed: Your blogs name (xeetsh in this case). If you like it when people stumble upon every possible error that a piece of software might have you should definitely stay.